What Does Bm Mean in Shoes? Ultimate Guide!

BM has different elaborations, but it’s something related to width when it comes to shoes. As you know, the width of shoes has various indications like A, AA, B, C, or so on. You probably have seen them while purchasing shoes online.

It’s possible that you might not know what those letters stand for, and that’s why you are here. Shoes having the wrong width could be bothersome, or you might end up not using it anymore.

Shoes having both numbers and letters (like in the USA) indicate length by the letters’ numbers and width.

People who are fond of shopping stuff like running shoes for wide feet online should know these indications of letters to avoid the wrong size.

What does BM stand for?

The BM in shoes stands for medium width or average width for women’s shoes. B indicating the width in a shoe must be a women’s shoe as men’s shoe never has a B. So, the shoe is neither broad nor narrow.

What if there is a B in a sneaker?

The narrowest show starts from AAAA for women having little feet. The case is the same for children as well. 

Footwear of A size is between 3.4 to 3.9inches, like labeling of AAA stands for 3.4″, and labeling of AA & 3.9B stands for 3.6″. I hope these examples can help you.

Sizes of the B category are standard as most women’s sizes fall under that category. The measurement is going to be something between 3.6 & 4.1inches. In case you don’t know, you need to measure between the ball of the foot for finding width.

What if there is an M in a sneaker?

B in women’s shoe means broad, and M after the B means medium-wide. 

As you can see, the width the B stands for still has several ranges, and M stands for a particular size. In any man’s case, the measurement would be like D (M), which stands for medium width.

Finally, if I tell you what does 10 BM means, can you answer it? As I stated before, there is no B in men’s shoes, so it’s a women’s shoe. The numeric stands for the length of the footwear and BM stand for medium width. These widths within the B category will be much narrow for men’s feet. Like the BM, there are absolute differences between the other indications like CD, etc.


Hopefully, this article might help you get the perfect width while purchasing footwear online, and you don’t have a chance to try it on. The answers you have obtained from “what does BM means in shoes” are applicable on all closed shoes except the boots.

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