What Are Good Gifts for a Pilot?

Hey! Are you a pilot who had your eyes on a new item that you might want to add to your flight bag? Or ready to buy something, but you need another opinion!

Are you shopping for a pilot that you care about? Then you are just about to know what is best for you. You will 100% find the ideal gifts your pilot will love, admire, and enjoy in this content.

It’s all about hard work and sincerity if we talk about a pilot. They always do deserve the best gift for their job and responsibility. So, you have to be smart if you are going to gift something to a pilot. There are different types of pilots. Like student pilots, amateur pilots, or those who are bossing in this sector. We call them professionals. Below here, you will know what’s best for each of the categories.

Gifts for Student Pilots:

Flight training costs a lot of money. For this reason, they have to save for a long time to buy the gear they need or want. And they have to prioritize between those purchases and paying for flight training. SO, any help from you will b greatly appreciated. There are many options for a student pilot because they have to buy a lot of things at this stage. Among them, the best options are given below:


Under 100$, a kneeboard can be the best gift for a student pilot. It’s attached to your upper part of your thigh and holds securely everything you need in one place, such as maps, airport diagrams, notes, pencils, even a tablet. They will use this in every single flight, and it will make their flying training easier.

CX-3 Electronic Flight Computer:

Under 200$, this cx-3 electronic flight computer is the best option for you. This flight calculator is optional, and most students can afford to make this purchase; it will make their flight training easier than ever. This calculator can perform anything that a pilot needs. Its no.1 advantage is that it is approved to be used during any pilot’s written exam.


If you want to spend a little more money, then the number one gift every student pilot needs is a headset. Schools or training centers provide headsets, but they are usually in bad shape, not very comfortable, and mainly full of germs. For a student pilot, the “David Clarke Aviation Headset” is the best option. They will hear the guide of their instructor and not get hampered by all the engine noise.

Gifts for Amateur Pilots:

Let’s talk about gifts for amateur pilots. This group of pilots already have their license, and most importantly, their gift choices are broad now. But, broadly doesn’t always mean expensive. As I said, you have to be a lil’bit smart.

Professional Log Book:

Under 100$, you can get them a professional logbook. A professional logbook can store ten years’ worth of data and has superb craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. It is a great place to record all your flights. It can also be used as a keepsake after decades of flying. Sounds good enough?

Petzl Tactical Headlamp:

This gift is also under 100$ and a very useful one. Most amateur pilots love to have one of these. It is not only hands-free but also has a bright white light. And a mandatory red light that is used for flying at night. Small aircraft are notorious for the poor lighting. So, this headlamp will be the most valuable thing in your flight bag. You can walk around with its white light, and then once you are inside the cockpit, you have to switch to the red light.

GPS ( Garmin Era ) :

If money isn’t a problem for you, it will be the best gift for an amateur pilot. And it is a GPS. The best portable one is out there is Garmin Era.

A GPS makes flying long distances a lot easier and safer by helping the pilots stay on course and a lot of information at the click of a button. “Portable” is holding the benefits of a touchscreen GPS here when renting.

Gifts for Professional Pilots:

Professional pilot means they have already gathered their necessary tools in their backpack. But, some aviation gifts are always helpful to them. You can think about these items if you are thinking about gifting something to a pro one.

HooToo Wireless Travel Router:

Pilots travel a lot and stay in different hotels. Sometimes, they face a poor wifi connection. For them, the HooToo travel router will be the best gift. It’s mainly a wifi booster that will give you the best signal to all your devices. It is also great for families with kids who don’t want to watch the same show.

RFID Secret Wallet:

If personal information is important for the pilot, then the RFID secret wallet will be useful. This wallet prevents scanning any of your cards when they are inside its aluminum body and stealing your information. It is design and craftsmanship makes it not only safe but also a
stylish choice.

Noise-canceling headset:

The no.1 gift for any professional pilot is a noise-canceling headset. There are various noise-canceling headsets out there. But among them, Bose A20 is a game-changer. It’s special for its quality sound output with a lightweight. It doesn’t clamp down as the other headsets do. Most importantly, it can last for 10 to 12 years, at least without any major issue.

Let’s not forget quality footwears are an addiction to pilots. So, footwears for a pilot can be your gifting option. Along with these choices, Go pros, Non-Electronic Flight Computers, $100 Hamburger Book, or the LanLuk portable power bank can also be your option if you want your pilot to be happy. And if you follow these choices, I’m pretty much sure that your pilot won’t be disappointed.

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