How to Pick the Right Gifts for Your Mail Carrier?

You wake up in the morning and run to the mailbox because you expect little sources of joy in that petty little box. Well, you might say that not all time do we get stuff in the mail that makes us smile, such as the bills. But in the modern era, the internet is here to look after that. And for those who pay their bills via the internet, the mailbox can be a great way to feel ecstatic.

I love looking at the mails delivered to my door because they can be invitations, birthday cards, a thank you card, or even a coupon. And tell me, what could be a better way to start the day with a jolly mind?

All thanks to the hardworking mail carriers who don’t even miss a day to deliver little perks of joy to my doorstep. Despite the extreme weather conditions in cold countries or rough days, their tireless work amazes me. And since most of these mail carriers keep on serving the neighborhood for a long time, some people even get to know them personally, which is awesome because they are some generous people working for us.

So, as for me, I thought about gifting something precious to our neighborhood mailman, and while I was looking at what I could give him as a present, I found some interesting facts. And if you think your mailman is no less than a superhero who delivers joy to your worn-out little tin boxes, then you should look into this article as well. Come on!

The Rules!

If you didn’t know yet, I think you’ll be surprised to know that there are certain rules when offering a thank you gift to a United States Postal Service worker. Let’s see what those are –

Postal workers cannot accept a gift even if it is a thank you gift from the customers just because they deliver your mail; you need to have a personal relationship for that.

– For instance, if you know your mailman, then yes, he is permitted to accept gifts but not ones that have a value of more than $20.

– Now, who doesn’t want to spread joy on special occasions like Thanksgiving, and Christmas? If you want to gift something to your mail carriers throughout the year on these occasions, it cannot cross the highest value of $50 in a calendar year period.

– But what if you do that, unknowingly? In that case, the Federal employee cannot accept the gift, or he’ll reimburse you for the cost. Now, that is not the way to say thank you to anyone, right?

So What Can We Gift Them?

Okay, so we are clear about the rules and restrictions about gifting to our mailmen. I guess it’s time to figure what can we offer them as a thank you gift

Gift with purpose:

Not everyone knows their mail carriers personally. For instance, if you have recently moved into the neighborhood and now it’s Christmas and want to gift something to your hardworking mailman, what do you do?

Maybe you can consider something as a gift for them that might help make their jobs a bit easier. Why not gift them a pair of nice gloves to tackle the cold, or maybe a winter cap or even a muffler is a good idea. Again, the mail carriers have to keep working no matter the weather or shady area, hence, why not gift new clothes or maybe everyday walking shoes and work boots for mail carriers?

Refreshments or teats:

Now, you know your mail carrier for a long time, and you know his favorite treats. How about you hand him a full box of doughnuts? Or maybe cookies or soda? Just imagine the look of joy on his face when he receives these!

Perishable items:

Don’t you think chocolates, flowers, or fruits are great to say to someone they matter? And you can try them as presents for your mailman as well. No one can deny a box of chocolates!

Compliments that count:

I feel that a compliment or a few words can turn someone’s worst days into the best. And for hardworking people like mail carriers, that can be a great way to thank you, especially if physical gifts feel kind of awkward to you.

Maybe you can give them a thank you card filled with nice words that make them feel important. Or maybe you can even write a letter to the USPS office, sharing positive feedback about your mail carrier. You can bring on an incident or two where they delivered your emails even when they came across a few barriers.

These thoughtful gestures are sure to encourage them and make them ecstatic. Yes, you don’t always need money to make someone feel counted!

And What Are The Unacceptable Gifts?

I have already explained the rules on gifting your mail carriers. But if I were to make clear about the things you cannot gift them, they would be-

  • Literal cash
  • Stocks or checks
  • Liquor
  • Anything that has a monetary value of more than $20
  • Anything that is exchangeable with cash

Expressing gratitude to someone for their hard works is one of the best things you can do for them. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive way. Considering mail carriers, now you know how to pick the right gifts for them. So, why wait? This Christmas tell your postal worker that he matters!

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