Cross Trainer Vs. Treadmill for Weight Loss

If you are determined to lose some weight, then you have already paid a visit to a gym at least once. Then you might also be accustomed to two magical gym equipment- cross trainer and Treadmill. Now the question is – cross trainer vs. Treadmill for weight loss, which is the best?

Both the equipment helps to burn some fats to reshape your body. If the question is how many calories you can burn working out in these two pieces of equipment, it completely depends on the intensity, duration, and type of the exercises you are performing.

Don’t forget to create a calorie deficit healthily to accelerate the pace of weight loss. Set a target to lose 1kg per week, ensuring proper food constituent for glowing skin and preventing hair loss. To burn .45kg fat, you have to make a deficit of at least 3500 calories.

Is the Cross Trainer a Good Option for Losing Weight?

What is a cross-trainer?

By now, we all know that a cross trainer is a piece of gym equipment that adds joy to your cardio workout without causing any joint pain. These machines are easily available in any local or high-end gym. You can add it to your home gym also.

Specialized workout on a cross-trainer

Cross trainers, also known as x-trainer, are used to walk, run, stair climbing, and other effective exercises. Have some stubborn arm fat? Is fatty thigh the main cause of down confidence? Not anymore.

Working out in the cross trainer helps to tome your full body. You can also specifically focus on your abdomen, arm fat, thigh bulk if necessary. These simple exercises cause less stress on the muscles and joints. So you do not have to suffer from fatigue easily.

Again most people have a high arch problem along with obesity. It is not possible to solve the problem in a single day naturally. But you can wear suitable cross-training shoes to support your arches while working out.

How often should you work on the cross trainer?

It is seen that fit people also exercise regularly on the cross trainer to maintain sound health. But if you intend to cut some pounds, you can start working out five days a week for at least 30 minutes.

Is the cross trainer a boon or bane?

This elliptical machine works like magic. But it has its dark side too.


  • Burns stubborn fat.
  • Allows performing squat.
  • Allows separate upper and lower body exercise.
  • Tones leg muscles.
  • Do not cause joint pain.
  • Boosts the cardiac activity and reduces stress and strain.


  • Not so effective to gain muscle strength.
  • The low-impact workout not so suitable for bone strengthening.

Should You Make the Treadmill Your Gym Partner?

What is a Treadmill?

Like a cross trainer, Treadmill is also a gym workout equipment that features all the manual, electronic and commercial aspects. Manual Treadmill comes with a roller, and it rolls while you run and keep the pace.

An electronic treadmill allows the user to set the speed and time beforehand. So, you can easily run to burn fat without any barrier.

Types of exercise on a treadmill

It is known to all that you can walk and run on the Treadmill. But the show is not only fixed to it. Starting from treadmill plank, squat, high-intensity training, all can be done in this single machine.

Set the speed at 2-3 mpg for a brisk walk. But if you want to increase your training intensity, set the speed at 5mph.

How long should you work on the Treadmill?

Make a schedule according to your body weight and BMI. Do not forget to consult a gym trainer and nutritionist before setting the schedule.

As a beginner, you should always start any moderate exercise after 5 minutes of warmup exercise. It acts as the preparatory stage for training. Everyday 30 minutes moderate workout can bring a drastic change in your body structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of Treadmill

Why having a treadmill is always a plus point to ensure sound health?


  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Proved lethal for stubborn fat.
  • Boosts stamina and agility.
  • Burns calories and aids in weight loss.


  • A high-end product is a bit costly.
  • Occupies more space.
  • Strenuous exercise on Treadmill may lead to joint pain.

Cross Trainer Vs. Treadmill- a Complete Debate

If you do not have the time and mood for working out outdoor, then a gym can be the best place to lose weight. Both cross trainers and Treadmills intend to ensure sound body through proper exercise but let’s see their effect on different aspects.

In calorie burning

You can easily burn 550 -840 calories on the Treadmill after an intense workout session. At the same time, an average of 773 calories is burned after a cross trainer’s workout session.

Calorie burning may differ in the types of activities and their intensity.

On muscle toning

It is possible to focus on a specific part of the upper and lower extremity while working on a cross-trainer. The user gets a toned leg muscle in a short period.

Exercises like running, brisk walking on the Treadmill mainly works on the lower extremity. So, if you have any problem with your abdomen area or arm, you better switch to other equipment.

On bone joints

Working on the Treadmill creates more stress on the joint and may result in joint pain. Such issues are not faced by the users working out on a cross-trainer.

Comparison Between Cross Trainer and Treadmill in a Nutshell

Similarities and dissimilarities are shown in a table-

FeaturesCross TrainerTreadmill
Calorie burnBurns an average of 773 calories per dayBurns an average of 550-840 calories per day.
ImpactAllows low impact exercisesAllows high impact exercise.
SafetyUsers for safety can control speed.Contains a safety rail, emergency stop button, and speed control features.
VersatilitySupports regular walking, running, etc.Supports plank, brisk walking, jogging, etc.


Fit body or a fat body- which one do you prefer? Start working out for a sound body and mind. Regular exercise decreases blood glucose and cholesterol level.

Choose the correct exercise equipment. We hope that this article on Cross Trainer vs. Treadmill for weight loss has enlightened you to some point.

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