Can You Put Shoes in Dryer? Ultimate Guide!

The inquiry, “can you put shoes in dryer?” crosses the mind when we search for the swiftest way to dry our soggy footwear. But the question is, can we do that?

Undoubtedly, the dryer is a lifesaver in our quickest way of life. But what of the shoes got damaged, or the machine got faulty? Before taking a chance in real life, we have to consider a few facts.


The first-ever fact to consider is your shoe’s materials as all footwear can’t withstand the trembling & heat of a dryer and end up being shrink or melted. If there are durable materials in your shoes, an occasional dryer wash is okay but keep the heat low.

So, the first-ever step is to check the label on your shoes to know the materials. If your shoes lack such information, check for them online with your footwear’s name and model.

Think twice before using the dryer if the footwear contains the below materials:

  • You can’t possibly put a heat-sensitive fabric like polyester in the dryer as it tends to shrink, deform, & melt. 
  • Though pure nylon is durable, you can set the dryer on low or line drying temperatures to tumble it. Avoid putting the sheer nylon.
  • Rayon can shrink like wool or cotton products, and it tends to be weaker in wet form. High heat can burn or discolor the footwear but won’t melt it anyway. 
  • Both real and faux leather fabric will face distortion and cracking under high temperatures. Direct sunlight is the best way to dry wet leather. 
  • You can dry sheepskin under no heat or low heat; basically, the air circulation is important. But it will turn into hard card-board like stuff due to over-drying.
  • Faux fur will melt under heat, resulting in fused & matted texture. Even the real animal-based fur isn’t compatible with the dryer.
  • Shoes with sequins, nylon stickers, etc., should avoid going into the dryer as the embellishment can fall apart.

Are sneakers compatible with the dryer?

Many sneakers having foam padding, like the running shoes, will suffer utmost integrity under the dryer’s tumbling. The footwear’s feeling and overall performance will be hampered as the sole and cushion will lose their quality.

Can we put tennis shoes in dryer?

Apart from the tennis court, we usually term tennis shoes as a regular choice, so they need regular washing. Different tennis shoes out there contain different materials, and you are bound to check the material label on the footwear before deciding to put it on a dryer. You can even check how to dry the tennis shoes in the dryer.

If your dryer is showing the green light, change the setting to no or low heat. Moreover, avoid the daily washing habit and change it to emergency timings.

What are the steps to wash shoes in a dryer?

Now, we have talked about when and what we should avoid and ready to give our luck a try. Follow the below steps for putting shoes on a dryer. 

Now you have checked the label and know your footwear materials, let’s know the easy technique that’s not so different from drying other stuff.

N.B. If you can see a box having an “X” sign, it means the manufacturer isn’t recommending using a dryer.

Trick: Keep the shoes close to each other and tighten them up, binding the laces. This will avoid pairs getting messed up with the other one. I’m sure you thought about throwing shoes in the dryer just like that without any precaution against tumbling. 

The trick is to drape the shoelaces over the door & close it while putting the shoes inside the machine. In this way, the door will hold the laces in place, preventing the footwear from tumbling. Not only for top-landing, but you can also do the same with the front-landing machine.

Heat level: Setting to no heat, i.e., air-dry, is the best choice. If your machine doesn’t have such a setting, choose the lowest temperature.

Time period: After you run the machine for 20 minutes have a check on your shoes. Remember to catch the laces before opening the door, or else it will fall. If the inside of the footwear is still wet, dry them for extra five minutes.

The tips that might help you out:

  • If your dryer has a drying rack, use that instead of hanging the shoes.
  • If there any removable insoles in your footwear, remove them before putting them into the machine.
  • Don’t put the dirty, muddy footwear in the dryer. Please give them a gentle wash with water. Then put it on the dryer. 
  • Lint filter causes less air circulation, so remove it from the dryer.
  • This step isn’t mandatory but effective in soaking water and preserving footwear shapes. Put small towels inside your footwear.
  • Suppose you can’t hang the shoes from the door and don’t even have a drying rack, what will you do? Putting two-three large towels inside the dryer will help you out.
  • Avoid over-drying the footwear and check after 20 minutes.
  • Before going into conclusion, check online if your model is safe to dryer or not.


Though drying shoes in the dryer is the quickest way, it’s best to avoid this easy going method. There are many facts to check before you go with it. If you are sure to check all the facts and maintain all the steps to wash, you can try. So, you know, there isn’t any direct answer to the question, “Can you put shoes in dryer?”- it totally depends on the facts regarding your footwear.

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