The 7 Best Shoes for Mail Carriers for 2022

The life of a mail carrier is a demanding one. If you are one then you know how very little you enjoy your rest. For the most part of the day, you are either on a bike, in a car, or on foot getting the parcel to its owner. If not then you are probably shuffling through parcels, putting them in order, signing them, or changing addresses.

Postal workers, like other people who build true value with their hands and legs, spend a lot of time on their feet. And at the end of the day, you will start to complain about foot fatigue, swelling, bacteria growth, and smelly feet.

But there’s more; when you keep rolling around (not literally) in some fake, stiff, poorly padded, and inappropriate shoes, you could be looking forward to extreme conditions like spinal and posture problems. And when it gets to this point, it’s easy to start wishing you looked into the best shoes for mail carriers and not some random selections.

But since you are here, we are going to review some of the best postal shoes that can make your day to day routing not only comfortable but something to look forward to. Out of all the collections in this article, we strongly recommend New Balance Men’s 706 V2. It is extremely lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and affordable.

Without further digressing, let’s get this party rocking.

Best Shoes for Mail Carriers 2022

Here are some options that come heavily recommended by shoe experts, postal agencies, and mail carriers:

1. New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoe

Some bosses are sticklers for proper work dress code and they will rain hell down on you until you finally get it right. Instead of gambling with your money on a pair that will be rejected, go for New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoe. This pair is postal approved and has a green tag.

The shoe is mostly designed for people who are always on the move or stand for many hours. Thanks to the walking strike path design, now your feet will perfectly be guided for a stable and steady gait. The leather and synthetic top are a little thin to keep the weight down. Furthermore, it is adequately padded for comfort.

New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoe comes along with oil and slip-resistant outsoles. Probably not so good on snow but it will provide satisfactory traction on roads and smoothly-paved surfaces. For better performance, you might want to replace the insole with a custom one.


  • A mix of leather and synthetics
  • C-CAP midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Walking strike path
  • Padded opening
  • US Postal service recommended


  • Designed with comfort for long walks
  • Lightweight for all-day use
  • Can allow the use of custom insoles
  • Postal-approved and therefore relevant
  • Exists in wide price ranges


  • Not waterproof as some people would like

New Balance Men’s 706 V2 Walking Shoe is comfortable, lightweight, affordable, and true to size. The fact that it is USPS approved makes them one of the best green tag shoes for mail workers. Most online reviews highly back it up too.

2. Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Oxford Shoe

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Oxford Shoe

If you work in a formal employment sector like post offices, you really should have oxford shoes. Almost all of us have a pair or two. If you are hunting for one, a worthy choice could be Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Oxford Shoe.

To start with, this oxford shoe brings to the table the durability that is lately missing in so many shoes. Thanks to the full-grain leather, you can expect unwavering feet protection for a couple of years. The leather quality also happens to resist water and this could come in handy when delivering mails in bad weather.

We also like the fact that Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Oxford Shoe features a microbe shield. This guards the shoe against possible fungal, bacteria, and odor growth. Believe it or not, walking around all day can turn your shoe into a microbe house which is why a microbe shield can be such a godsend feature.

This oxford shoe comes with a traction-rich outsole that is ready for a wide variety of surfaces. On top of that, it comes with a richly-cushioned foot stabilizing footbed to promote the walking technique. So Yeah, Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Oxford is truly one of the best shoes for postal workers worth looking into.


  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Water-resistant uppers
  • Non-metallic stabilizer
  • Aegis microbe shield
  • SR US postal approved


  • Reliable traction on wet and oily surfaces
  • Can hold back water
  • Oxford styling for all formal occasions
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Long-lasting full-grain leather


  • A little expensive than most in this review

Fancy shoes can start you and your boss on the wrong foot. So if you don’t know where to begin, Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Oxford Shoe will be an absolute correct kick to have. It is formal, durable, comfy, waterproof, and postal-approved.

The following shoes are going to be mid-cut. This design appeals to those looking for ankle protection and stability.

3. Rocky TMC postal-approved Duty Boot

Rocky TMC postal-approved Duty Boot

Rocky TMC postal-approved Duty Boot is a beast of some sort. This is a shoe that when you wear, not only your style pops but so does protection. A middle cut boot can make the difference between walking home safe and being bruised by a customer’s American bulldog, Siberian Husky, and other pets that make mail workers job dangerous.

This shoe is made from full-grain leather which makes it one of the most durable shoes for postal workers. In fact, it is SR USA postal approved and your boss won’t be on your neck regarding improper dress code.

Rocky TMC postal-approved Duty Boots come with a non-metallic stabilizer to properly guide your foot. This may seem pointless until you see some of those funny clips where mail carriers fall awkwardly with parcels for lack of steadiness. To juice it all up, this mailman shoes feature a microbe shield and a stunning, traction-rich outsole for bracing snow, ice, and other slippery surfaces.


  • Genuine leather
  • Padded opening
  • SR USA postal approved
  • Water-resistant top
  • Aegis microbe shield
  • Midcut design
  • Non-metallic stabilizer


  • Offers ankle protection and stability
  • Approved for postal workers
  • Durable and partially waterproof
  • Dependable traction
  • Rebuffs microbes growth


  • You’ll need $100 or more making it less affordable

Rocky TMC postal-approved Duty Boots is a go-to mail carrier shoe for individuals who love the unmatched protection that comes with boots. It is true to size, comfortable, durable, and positively reviewed by former buyers.

4. Reebok Men’s TCT Postal Approved Work Boot

Reebok Men’s TCT Postal Approved Work Boot

Like Nike, Reebok too is a household name and still does manufacture some of the seriously comfortable shoes. One of their postal approved mail carrier shoes is Reebok Men’s TCT Work Boot. This able-bodied work boot will prepare you for anything-ice, snow, oils pills-you name it.

When it comes to comfort, this boot makes all the other shoes in this review look like a bad joke-for real. Let’s see. The top, like others, is nicely padded to offer the softest hug. The interior comes with a moisture-wicking lining for moisture management and a replaceable P-I-1000 cushion insert to help with impact absorption.

On top of all that, Reebok Men’s TCT Postal Approved Work Boot features an impressive, dual-density PU outsole so at the end of the day, there is no pain to deal with. And when it comes to protection, water-resistance, and longevity, you can still count on it. As you can see, there is really a lot to gain from this work boot.


  • Leather top
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Dual-density polyurethane outsole
  • Midcut design
  • Heel cushioning


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable full-grain leather
  • Lightweight design
  • Extremely comfortable for a boot
  • Dependable traction and protection


  • Quality inconsistencies
  • Like other booties, it costs $100+

Reebok Men’s TCT Postal Approved Work Boot is for those who want to get ready for anything-from the harshest winters to slippery industrial warehouses. Its quality may not be the best but for the time you’ll have the boot on, you will be glad you bought it. On the plus side, it’s already postal-approved.

5. Reebok CP8500 Postal Express Work Boot

Reebok CP8500 Postal Express Work Boot

Reebok CP8500 Postal Express Work Boot, like its sibling above, is designed for those who work in a demanding environment. They are solely geared towards providing protection and traction while in the warehouse arranging stuff and moving around for parcel delivery.

Even though it may not come with the comfort you get from the running shoes, it is still sufficiently padded. Plus, you can swap out the cushion insert with something better. Should you wade into water (and we guarantee you will) the moisture-wicking lining will help to dry up the shoe as fast as possible.

Reebok CP8500 Postal Express Work Boot is postal approved and therefore one of those shoes you are sure won’t invite trouble from those in authority.


  • Leather top
  • Synthetic sole
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Removable cushion insert
  • High-top design
  • Maxum-Lite PU outsole


  • True to size
  • Optimally cushioned for comfort
  • Reliable traction
  • Long-lasting leather top
  • Postal-approved


  • Goes for over $100 bucks

Reebok CP8500 Postal Express Work Boot is ideal for those who want better protection, comfort, and traction in a high-top shoe design. On the plus side, you can customize its comfort a little through newer custom insoles.

6. Skechers Afterburn

Skechers Afterburn

USPS-approved shoes must meet two conditions; waterproof and non-slip. The one choice that closely meets these conditions is Skechers Afterburn. This lace-up sneaker boasts of a long-lasting smooth leather intertwined with mesh fabric uppers to promote adequate ventilation.

This shoe’s stitching is blameless and not only does it keep it together but doesn’t dig or rub on your feet. The high-traction rubber sole keeps you firmly attached to the floor so you don’t fall and damage the parcel.

The biggest advantage you can get with this shoe is the chance to pick your favorite color. There are over 10 incredible colors. Furthermore, the shoe is true to size and therefore fewer chances of ending up with a bad pair.


  • Leather top
  • Meshed panels
  • Lace-up sneaker
  • Cushioned collar and tongue
  • Memory foam insole


  • Comfy for a long day’s walk
  • Allows complete air circulation
  • Lightweight design
  • Stylish for good looks
  • Multiple eye-candy colors
  • True to size
  • Slip-resistant


  • One-off quality problems with a few pairs

Despite a few hiccups, Skechers Afterburn is a stylish grab for trend-say individuals. Even though the feedback for the past few years is disturbing, the quality seems to be improving.

7. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Work Shoe

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Work Shoe

If for some reason Skechers Afterburn doesn’t appeal to you, its closest contender is Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Work Shoe. This is a work shoe designed for sneakerheads and fashion lovers.

Coming from a company that is lately rocking the market, this shoe bears advanced traction for a steady walk. But it’s not just saying; this quality has been tested by ASTM and accorded F2913-11 rating for slip-resistance effectiveness. Do you know what that means? No more helpless accidental slips.

For solid performance, the top is premium leather with perforated panels that ensure your feet can breathe. The thick midsole, memory foam sock liner, and the bouncy rubber sole promote better comfort while moving from one neighborhood to another. Unfortunately, there are very few color choices-but black is usually the top choice for most post office workers, anyway.


  • Leather top
  • Rubber outsole
  • Perforated panels for breathability
  • Memory foam sockliner
  • Thick midsole
  • Three color choices


  • Durable leather construction
  • Advanced traction
  • Optimally cushioned for supreme comfort
  • Well-ventilated
  • True to size


  • A slight drop in quality

Lately, Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Work Shoe is modified to meet the needs of fashion lovers which means a tradeoff in quality a little. Its performance is nowhere near boots but for everyday mail delivery, it can hold itself pretty well.

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve come to the end of the review section. Here is a little summary to help you make the right choice.

First, this list is not the ultimate and we are not going to lie about it. However, we singled out only the best mail carrier shoes that we know most offices recommend. Do not go for fancy shoes that will make you stand out like a rebel. Instead, try to stick to what the uniform policy dictates.

Some of the postal shoes for women include Women’s New Balance Postal Shoes, Thorogood Women’s Bowler Soft Streets Oxford, Thorogood Women’s Ultimate Crosstrainers, and Reebok Women’s Athletic Oxfords.

Things to Consider Before Buying Mail Carrier Shoes

Besides the fact that your employer has dressing demands to adhere to, there are a few more things you need to consider while shopping for postal worker shoes. Here are a few of them:

Outsole quality

This is one of the things your employer will need to check. Slips and falls are common in places of work. But your case gets even worse. As someone who is expected to move across centers and towns, the weather can get quite unfavorable. Just check out videos of mail carriers slipping and falling down a flight of stairs. All because they don’t have the right shoes.

Therefore, you need a shoe with supreme traction. A pair that can handle wet surfaces, snow, mud, and oil spills. The best mail carrier shoes can sport outsole techs such as flex grooves, Maxum-Lite PU, dual-density PU, and others with ASTM certification.


The mail must be delivered even if it is soaking wet. If water gets knee-deep, you still might be expected to get the mail to the recipient. We see mail carriers arriving in the rain often. You have already done that several times. So how did your shoes hold up last time? Uh-huh.

When buying mailman shoes, at least consider those that will keep water out even if it’s for a few hours. You will be grateful to be in their company on days when the rain doesn’t let up. In case you didn’t know, continually walking in wet shoes can result in the Trench foot condition.


Unfortunately, mail carriers don’t have the pleasure to dilly dally around. You will always be on a tight schedule that gets you either arranging mail, driving or walking door to door making a delivery. This drill goes on for a minimum of 8 hours! Yes, eight long hours of being on your feet.

So basically, whether you enjoy this job or not, one thing is for sure. Your feet are going to get tired. They will hurt too if your shoe is uncomfortable. Mail carriers, like runners, deserve immense cushioning. This is the reason why some of the reviews in this piece come from brands like New Balance, Reebok, and Skechers that mostly manufacture running shoes.

For top-level comfort, the best mailman shoes must include things like a memory foam insole (it is better if removable), cushioned collar and tongue, and pronounced midsoles.


Out of all those incidences where CCTs capture mail men falling down, it probably could not be due to bald outsoles. Sometimes it’s about the weight of the shoe. You must buy a kick that allows you to walk naturally and is easy to lift off. In case you just switched shoes, then you need to be extra cautious up to the day you get used to their weight.


Money is already hard to come by. Some of us burn the candle at both ends just to get things running. So, no matter how much you get in stipend, it pays to invest in a decent quality shoe. There’s one thing we can all agree on; you cannot tell the quality of mailman shoes by looking at the pictures.

The best way to judge the quality is by reading the shoe’s features and customer reviews. A long string of negative feedback is a sure indication that there is a drop in quality. Glistening reviews, on the other hand, indicate impeccable craftsmanship.

Mail Carriers Dress Code

Mail carriers are mostly government and private company employees and are therefore expected to show up in proper dress code. Upon presenting yourself to the agency, they take your measurements and prepare one for you.

According to the USPS uniform policy, all employees on duty must wear the correct attire and black, waterproof, and water-resistance shoes. Additionally, you may be required to be in full uniform in all the public or private events that the agency sends you to because you represent them. A few of the clothes you should never wear during the job include t-shirts (unless branded with your company’s name), jeans, spandex.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What kind of shoes do mail carriers wear?

There are many shoes mail carriers can wear. However, they should be pre-approved by a postal agency like USPS. Some of these shoes not only sport impressive traction but bear a green tag as an agency’s seal of approval. Furthermore, they are waterproof and usually black in color. Wearing non-sanction footwear can attract fines or dis enrollment.

2. What does the SR USA label stand for?

Most mail carrier shoes come with an SR USA tag indicating that they are approved for mail workers. SR USA means they are slip-resistant and up to the acceptable USA standards. Shoes without this tag can be rejected or make you pay a fine for disobeying the company dress code.

3. What are the best Reebok postal shoes?

There are many Reebok shoes meant for mail workers. Some of the distinguishable varieties include Reebok CP8500 Postal Express Work Boot, Reebok Men’s TCT Postal Approved Work Boot, Reebok Men’s Gore-Tex Boot, and Men’s Reebok Oxford Gore-Tex.


There is a lot that goes on in the daily life of a mail carrier. Bad weather, unsecured angry dogs, damaged parcels, violent public, vehicle accidents, and the list goes on. While you may not have power over many of these challenges, you are in control of the shoes you wear.

By purchasing the best mail carrier shoes, you will be able to enjoy your work and finish the day with less painful feet. Your feet help you to earn a living, so even if your stipend doesn’t allow you to spend more on top quality shoes, try the decent affordable ones. We have already covered a few right back at the top.

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