Are Crossfit Shoes Good for Running? Know Before Buying

Who doesn’t want to look at a fit and sexy body when they are before a mirror? And it’s needless to say that the best way to have a fit physique is by doing physical activities. Going to the gym and having scheduled workout sessions might be tiring for busy ones. So, the best alternative is running or having a jog in the morning, no doubt!

But here’s the real catch, which shoes will be more suitable for taking a run? I’ll tell you my story; when I was going to start this healthy morning routine, I was torn between the different shoe types and varieties. I didn’t know which one to go for. The running and the Crossfit shoes made the decision-making even tougher because I used to do the occasional heavyweight workouts as well, and I already had a pair of Crossfit shoes. All I wanted to know if they were ideal for running as well. If you are here with the same problem, you are absolutely in the right place! So, let’s cut to the chase without further ado.

What Are Crossfit Shoes?

If you are about to take your workout schedule to the next level and start experimenting with all kinds of physical activities, starting from cardio, weightlifting, running, etc. Then the cross fit shoes are what you should go for. 

The Crossfit shoes have more cushioning in the forefoot area that protects your toes when you land on them. They are also a bit wider on the upper part, which adds more support for multidirectional movements and motions. If we look at the soles, they have flatter soles than average running shoes and a firm built for overcoming the shocks of heavyweight exercise. 

It is obvious from the name itself that it is specially designed for multiple activities, like cross-training. Hence, they are made from a stronger material that can withstand various activities without giving you strains or sores.

What is the Need for Crossfit Shoes?

Yes, I’ve already briefed you about these shoes. But if you are still not clear about their purpose, I’ll explain here. Hang on! 

  • They let you perform a series of different workouts like Zumba, weight lifting, rope climbs, and so on
  • They offer optimum athletic performance
  • Prevent injuries and withstand shocks no matter the type of exercise 
  • Gives better protection to the shoes and especially toes
  • Offers more durability 
  • Offer maximum stability 
  • Comfortable for different physical activities
  • Offers superior lateral leg movement 
  • Enough cushioning for jumping
  • From the above points, I’m sure you realize that they are a heck of a great deal!

Running Shoes Vs. Crossfit Shoes: the Face-off

Now, for different physical activities, you will need different shoe requirements, that’s for sure. But when it comes to running, should you opt for running shoes or move on with your Crossfit shoes? Let’s see

Crossfit shoes:

  • Cross fit shoes have a lower heel-to-toe difference of 3-6mm.
  • Cross fit shoes are ideal for multidirectional movements, especially lateral or side to side motion.
  • They are more durable due to stronger material usage that offers better wear and tear protection.
  • They don’t have as much cushioning as that of running shoes but somewhat enough.
  • They are a bit heavy.

Running shoes:

  • Their biggest advantage is they are lightweight.
  • They offer better cushioning to the foot and greater flexibility.
  • The heal-to-toe difference is about 10mm or more.
  • They are better at absorbing shocks.
  • One of the biggest cons would be that they are only ideal for forwarding movement with an all-mesh upper surface.

Is It Ideal for Running with Your Crossfit Shoes on?

Now, it’s time to come back to our main query. After all this, can we take into consideration the Crossfit shoes for a run? Well, that’s a yes but not a ‘YES!’. I’ll tell you why. 

As I’ve stated above already that they are on a heavier scale; running with them on for a long time can make your feet tired. You might say, how heavy they can be? Not much, that’s true, but after a while of running on the rough and smooth surfaces, there’s every possibility that they would add up a lot to your feet’ weight. There’s also this risk of having strains. Again, they don’t have as much cushioning as the running shoes, and hence, it is quite possible to injure oneself in the meantime. 

However, from the bunch of available fantastic options of Crossfit shoes, if you go for the right one, it’ll likely support the long trails you’ve been dreaming of running on. Don’t forget the advantage of the Crossfit shoes being outstanding footwears for everyday workouts at the gym, So, if you want the benefit of both worlds, you know what to go for!

If I were to tell my suggestion, it would be, if you are targetting fewer miles, simultaneously working out in gyms, then your Crossfit shoes are the deal. But if jogging for hours is your concern, then it’s wiser to switch to running shoes.

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