Adidas Vs. Nike Sizing: What Is the Difference?

When it comes to footwear, personally, I cannot go for any other brands than Nike and Adidas. Not only me, but I’m sure shoe lovers around the world have shoes from these two shoe manufacturers placed at the top of their wish-list. My shoe closet is literally stacked with shoes from these brands only. But the problem I face whenever shopping online for my footwear is the different sizing. 

You might’ve noticed it too, that’s why you’re here! A 10 size Adidas is a 9.5 for Nike? If you didn’t know it earlier and ordered the same size for both pairs, I’m sure you thought it was a manufacturer’s mistake or something, but not really, that’s how it works. Don’t worry; I’m here to the rescue. No more anxious shopping when it comes to your favorite shoes! I’ll give you all you need to know about Adidas and Nike sizing differences. Come on!

Comparing Adidas and Nike Shoe Sizes

If you want your shoes to fit you perfectly, there’s no alternative to checking out the brand-specific sizing chart beforehand. And the perfect way to do that is to convert your shoe size in cm, check out the sizing information tag, and match it up with the sizing chart.

Don’t worry; I’ll give you tips on taking your feet measurements correctly. But before that, let’s see what all this sizing differences fuss is about between our favorite Adidas and Nike shoes.

The similarities:

– Both shoe brands offer shoe sizing charts for men, women and kids. 

– They put the US standard size units in the charts so that you can grab your size from the chart without being all confused.

The differences:

– Good thing about Adidas shoe charts is that you’ll find the UK, JP, and EU conversions for adults in the list. On the contrary, Nike doesn’t really show all that except the generic US size conversions.

– You most probably have noticed that Nike shoes are smaller than Adidas ones. Well, Adidas runs true to their shoe sizes. On the other hand, Nike shoes are smaller by a few milometers or even half a size. For instance, if you are a size 8 woman considering Adidas shoe sizes, it’d be about  24.6 cms. Whereas, the same size 8 for women in Nike shoe sizes would be 24.5 cms.

– You can notice the difference pretty well when it comes to half sizes, like 5.5, 6.5, and so on.

Shoes for Narrow Feet

As I already said, Adidas shoe is true to the sizes. But for Nike shoes, they are a bit smaller than the general sizes. Hence, Nike shoes are probably better if you have narrow feet, both lengthwise and widthwise. If you think that Nike narrower shoes would be the wrong choice for you, I’d recommend going for one size up. 

If you are worrying that bigger shoes will be too loose and hence uncomfortable for casual wear, then I should tell you that many customers buy bigger shoes purposely, because they feel more comfortable and relaxed in them. Yet, the best option would be to get your shoes after properly measuring your feet; you’d rather take a few more minutes for measuring your feet than settling for the wrong size just to get disappointed later.

Shoes for Wider Feet

If you have wider feet, Adidas is for you! The manufacturers believe that a wider making of the footwear allows more room for the feet which eventually gives you a more relaxing feeling and no worries on strains or sores! Kudos to the thoughtful makers of Adidas shoes, and a sigh of relief for the wider feet people like myself. 

Now, if you talk about Nike shoes, they are pretty much on the narrower side. However, there is no need to be disappointed because out of their wide diversity of shoes; there are shoes that offer a perfect fit for the wider feet. For instance, as I have wider feet, I usually go for the Nike Air Zoom Structure, Nike Zoom Vomero, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus etc., and guess they never disappoint my wide feet.

Adidas shoe size chart: Men’s shoes

US sizeUK SizeEU/FR SizeCM/JP Size

Adidas shoe size chart: Women’s shoes

US sizeUK SizeEU/FR SizeCM/JP Size

How to Get The Right Shoe Size for Your Feet

– Take a piece of paper, place it on the ground against the wall.

– Stand on it gently and make sure your feet are aligned to the wall and pushed against it. 

– Grab your pencil and draw around that foot. Or you can mark the front, back, and two sides if you are not very stable with the pencils.

– It’d be even more precise if someone else can do that for you.

– Take the measurements from the thumb or the longest toe.

– Write out the measurements from the longest toe stretching to the heel and the width measurements. It’s best to convert the lengths into cm because it is a universal unit used in almost all the brands’ measurements chart.

A Few More Sizing Tips

– Take the measurements after your gym sessions or in the afternoon to get down on paper, you maximum feet measurements.

– Socks can either make or break the deal. If you put on socks with your shoes, then measure your feet wearing the socks. Same goes for insoles. If you take insole support for your feet whether it’s for a casual outgoing, at work or sports time, you might want to get a bit bigger shoes.

– Don’t think that if you already have a pair of shoes from the manufacturer, you will purchase from now, you won’t need measuring again. Your older shoes can loosen with time, so no matter what time you are buying your shoes, or what brand, taking feet measurements is a must!

– For Nike buyers, there’s a Nike fit app that takes up the correct foot measurements from a photo of your feet and shows you your options accordingly. Also, if you visit the stores, the Nike fit is a great way to get exact feet measurements.

– For Adidas buyers, if your current choice is the Adidas Advantage or similar shoes with the thinner surface material, then get a size about 0.5 cm smaller for the perfect fit.

I love both these shoes, and I don’t want really want to mess up the sizings and go through all that returning fuss. If you think likewise, then I’m sure you’d have the few extra minutes in hand to measure your feet properly and then settle for your favorite Adidas or Nike shoes.

And if you’ve gone through all I told you in this short article; then there’s no chance you’ll mess up the measurements. Quick! Grab your pen and paper, write down those perfect feet sizes, and have a happy footwear shopping!

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